Jackpot King Slots & Scratch Cards

Paddy Power is just one of the sites where you can play amazing Jackpot King games with a huge progressive jackpot to be won. They have a variety of different games available from various game developers, including many popular slot machines and scratch card games.

What is a Jackpot King?

A Jackpot King is a type of progressive jackpot game whereby players can add money to the jackpot by playing bonus games and features. It starts from a set base amount, and will continue to increase until it is won by a player. It will then go back to its original base jackpot amount and the cycle will start again.

There are three different types of progressive jackpots:

1. Stand Alone

A stand alone progressive jackpot is limited to a single game or machine within a casino or online casino site. Bonus games within the game will help to increase the overall progressive jackpot amount.

2. Local

A local progressive jackpot will be linked together across the whole site, with every game on the casino site helping to contribute to the overall Jackpot King amount. Bonus games within each game, as well as scratch cards that can be bought on site both help to add to the overall progressive jackpot amount.

3. Network

A network progressive jackpot is one where multiple casino sites are linked together to help add to the overall progressive jackpot amount. If a company has many different casi-no sites, they can link these together to create an astounding progressive jackpot amount that is available for players to win.

The most popular to be used by online casino sites is a local progressive jackpot, as it means that all games on the site are linked together. Playing these games si-multaneously will add to the overall Jackpot King, until it’s won by an individual player.

There are many different Jackpot King games available to play on the Paddy Power web-site. From popular Blueprint gaming classics, to exclusive games you can only find on their site, you’ll have plenty to choose from to help you grow and win the Jackpot King amount.

Some of their most popular include:

• Fortunes of Ra - This game is based off of Ancient Egyptian reel game that offers many bonus features such as free spins and scatter pays spread throughout the game.There are ten pay lines that cross the reels, and bonus games that help add to the overall pro-gressive jackpot amount.

• Tridentia - Another one based off Ancient mythology and history, this time with the Greeks. Based underwater and ruled by Poseidon, this game offers three progressive jackpots, and if you manage to find Poseidon’s trident, you can win a 500x jackpot.

• Slots O’Gold - A classic Blueprint Jackpot King game, Slots O’Gold helps you to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s a five-reel game that offers many bonus features, as well as scatter plays and wild plays to help increase your overall jackpot.

Paddy Power is a site where you can find a great variety of Jackpot King games, all linked together by a local progressive jackpot. This means that whichever game you play on the site, you help to contribute to the overall jackpot amount.