Play Bingo and So Much More

Once upon a time, blowing off steam and gambling on the internet was a complex and disjointed affair with online poker sites offering only poker, online casino sites offering casino games only and online bingo sites offering only bingo products. However, in recent years this has all changed and you can now find the majority of all your gambling wants and needs all in one place, at your favourite site!

Taking online bingo sites as our reference, not only are you capable of playing both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo that allows those familiar with either the US or UK versions of the game to either continue to play the format that they are most comfortable with or learn a new version of the game to expand their horizons and win big prizes with a new style of gameplay.

On top of the bingo games that have always been offered at these sites, many bingo operators are now offering other browser based games, such as casino and slot games. The casino games are they type of games that you would find in your local gambling emporium including, but not limited to, the classic games of video poker, roulette and blackjack games at the minimum. As well as this, and the massive prizes you can claim on these casino games - such as 72x odds for picking the correct number the ball will stop at on the roulette table - there are newer and more irrelevant games like virtual scratchcard games that will see you win big prizes too.

On top of these you can win even bigger prizes with slot games, which come in the form of video slots, fruit machines and progressive slots. The video slots and fruit machines are exact online replicas of the type of games machines you'd find in your local pub or amusement arcade, while the progressive slots are similar but they are linked to a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is paid into whenever someone plays any of the games that feed into the jackpot, no matter what game or site they are located on, but if you hit the top tier jackpot you can win massive amounts of money.

The biggest ever win from one of these progressive jackpot games happened just over a year ago, in December 2012, when Lincolnshire resident John O. claimed a massive and life changing amount of almost £6m when he played on The Dark Knight slot game at The Dark Knight progressive slot game is linked to the Mega Moolah network and paid out the perfect Christmas gift of more than £5.8m after John had wagered a stake of just 30p.

There are many more stories like this across the internet where people have played the progressive slot games and being turned into multi-millionaires within seconds. The current jackpot on The Dark Knight game sits at more than £3.3m and even when this has been won it is guaranteed to begin again at £1m, so when you're waiting between Bingo games why not head over to the progressive slots games and see if you can change your life by winning a massive progressive jackpot?

These days the games are all under one roof, so all it takes is a couple of clicks and seconds and you could banish your money worries for the rest of your life!