Bingo Online Tips
Bingo Lets face it, luck plays a major role when playing Online Bingo but what can you do to increase your chances of winning each time you play Bingo? Well, there are certain amount of habits that regular online bingo winners exhibit. Just through talking to leading players in the industry we've managed to glean a few tips, tricks and pointers that will hopefully be beneficial to even the regular Bingo players out there. Although you cannot predict the outcome of any Bingo game, simply by being optimistic about winning and following our Online Bingo Tips below you should start to notice a difference in the frequency your shouting Bingo at your monitor! Don't forget to check out our handy online bingo strategy page for more useful information on improving your game!

As detailed in our free bingo money page most bingo websites offer various incentives to new players. Use the free cash, usually 100% of your initial deposit, to buy more cards and play more games thereby increasing your chances of winning.

It's a fact, online bingo players benefit from interacting with other bingo players. Try making friends with players from different bingo websites and chat rooms to receive tips and advice regarding increasing your chances winning.

The largest online jackpots tend to be won on Friday and Saturday nights between 8pm and 11pm so try to plan you playing times around them if you can. Of course they'll be busier than the rooms during the day but the increased jackpots are won every night so you when you do win it's usually a huge amount.

Another tip for greater winnings is to buy cards that sell for £1 or more, these games usually have larger cash prizes. The larger the amount invested in the cards the larger the payout. Plus, the higher priced cards may put some players off and therefore lower the number playing the games - increasing your chances of winning!

Try to buy your bingo cards according to the time you play your game. Very early mornings and very late nights attract fewer players, play with more Bingo cards at these times. Although winnings are usually lower at these times, the chances of winning are better and higher.

Only play bingo with as many cards as you can reasonably manage. Just like in real Bingo halls the more cards you play with the greater your chances of winning - just be wary of playing with too many cards as they can be difficult to keep track of and you might miss your winning card or combination.

It may sound obvious but don't be tempted to continue playing bingo if you're on a losing streak. Put the Online Bingo game on auto-daub mode and take some time off, relax and then join a fresh game when your ready.

Some online bingo websites give you an option to change your bingo cards if you don’t like them, feel free to do so. Don’t hold on to a losing card.

Try to play as many of the online bingo chat room specials as you can, this usually counts towards some form of loyalty scheme and also allows you to win extra bonuses that include free cards and cash prizes. Some sites also offer incentives for referring friends to their website giving you even more chances to play for free!

Weeknights have fewer bingo players and therefore, your chances of winning are higher. Fewer bingo players mean fewer cards in play and hence, your winning percentages are higher.

The bingo patterns Coverall and Blackouts are much longer bingo games and so the probability of successive numbers coming together is higher. Adjust your play accordingly and choose appropriate cards to increase your chances of winning.

Get chatting with fellow players and try to find out how many cards they are playing with. You can then play with just a few more bingo cards to increase your chances of winning that particular game.