Win At Casino

One of the most famous big wins came in 1873 in the legendary Beaux-Arts Casino in Monte Carlo, July 7, when Joseph Jagger began to put on some 9 rooms roulette. Soon Jagger won about half a million francs.

This amount alone is impressive, but that's not all. Jagger went on to play for the next three days and a total of about two million won, while the other players watch him and put on the same numbers that he too did not remain without a win.

Alas, casino workers in Monte Carlo soon discovered that incredible luck Jagger is no accident. Joseph Jagger few years developed a theory based on the belief that in some cases can occur shift in the roulette. He sent scouts to advance roulette, so that they were recording the results of rotating wheels, causing discovered that one of the wheels has a specific bias towards certain numbers nine.

Workers casino rearranged the defective wheel in another place, and after an unsuccessful bid Jagger knew what had happened. Armed with this new knowledge, Jagger set out to find his old wheels. He managed to find him, and he increased the number of their victories. In the end, the wheel was replaced and the band incredible luck Jagger ended. He took his millions and became the hero of the legend of "the person to break the bank at Monte Carlo."